what's next?


We have a proven step by step method to help understand your vision for your site.
1. Addressing/Defining the Problem
2. Research & Strategizing
3. FREE Mockup Creation
4. Full Development
5. Revisions
6. Video Conference/In Person Training
We’ll video conference/meet with you to see exactly what your business needs and the best way to fix the problem. Whether it be a new site to simply revamping your current one, we’ll figure out what you need.
Creating a strategy is important for the completion of a successful website project. After contacting us we will schedule a consultation through email or virtual conference, to get a better understanding about your business and its needs. After devising the best strategy we will give you access to the project by using an online project management software. This will keep you up to date on the progress of your project and will give you a precise understanding of what is needed from you. By using various file sharing platforms such as Google Drive we will work with you to gather all the content needed to build your website. We will provide forms for you to plugin the wording, graphics, pictures, etc. that you would like to put on your site
Once all the content has been gathered our web designers will begin building you a mockup website on our servers. We will create a free one page mockup of your website to showcase what we can do for you!We will send you a link so that you can view the free website mockup made for you and will ask for any revisions that you would like to make. After making your changes and you are happy with the mockup we will send you an agreement and require a downpayment for the further development of the site. If you are not satisfied with the mockup or with our overall service, we will simply thank you for the opportunity. We only want you to pay once you are sure that we can deliver
After we receive the down payment, our developers will work on creating the full draft of your website. Since we have already gone through the strategizing phase and have gathered the a majority of your content the remainder of the design process will be smooth. Our developers will start building and you can view the progress of the project through our project management software. A timeframe will be determined at the beginning of the project, as each website’s completion varies in duration.
At this point in the project your draft has been completed and we will ask you to go through the site and ask for comments regarding any revisions that you would like for us to make. We use a live commenting software so that you can add in your comments as you go. We ask that you finish going through and commenting on the site within a week so that we can go back and make the changes as soon as possible. When you are happy with your website we will transfer the website to your servers and will test functionality to ensure everything works properly.
Once the site is up and running on your servers we require the remaining balance of the payment and ask that the payment be made within one week. After we receive the payment we will share login credentials to the backend of your website along with login information to any other accounts made for your site. We want you to be able to operate your website both from the front and backend. We will explain all the bells and whistles of your WordPress site. Then you’re good to go!