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*maintenance is a BROAD task

here's how WE can help

In order to properly maintain your site you will need to constantly refresh your site with new media, keep track of analytics, and ensure that softwares for your site are up to date. Does this sound like a lot? Don’t worry that’s why we offer a monthly maintenance service. 

WordPress Dash

1. Monthly Media Uploads

Constantly updating your website with new pictures and videos will keep site visitors coming back and will keep the site fresh. We can upload and position new content onto your WordPress site on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Where would new media go?
  • Headers
  • Galleries
  • Thumbnails
  • Collections

2. Analytics Tracking

It is important to know the analytics of who is visiting your website, when they are visiting, and why they are visiting to make the best decisions as to how to advertise. We can help you set up analytics accounts and monitor your sites for you.

Google & Bing  

Both accounts will be necessary for your business to set up proper analytics tracking. Once, we get the tracking code for your website. We will embed these codes into the <head> of your website so you can track visitors! If you would like us track your analytics on a monthly basis we will use our Google and Bing Accounts to provide you with a monthly report of traffic, new visitors, etc.

What Analytics Help You Understand

Incoming Traffic

Along with information about site traffic analytics gives you insight into various demographics of who is visiting your site. This includes age, location, device preference, etc. of an individual user.

When visitors are on your site

Giving you insight into the time of day people visit your site gives you a better idea of visitors and gives you a time to aim for when running paid advertisements.

Why individuals are on your site

Analytics gives you insight to where your users are coming in from. Whether it be from social media, blogs, or direct referrals, this information will help you gauge whether your various advertising campaigns are effective.

3. WordPress Updates

Does your WordPress Platform need to be updated? An out of date WordPress Platform along with out of date plugins could lead to website downtime and improper functionality. This could lead to your site’s plugins not working or your website crashing completely. 

Things to Check

Wordpress Updates

WordPress version 5.1 was released on February 21st, 2019 so if you haven’t checked the backend of your website recently, it could be out of date! An out of date WordPress platform could make your site vulnerable to hacking, 404 errors, and improper functionality with modern browsers.


Plugins are snippets of code that give your site some of its unique functionality. Good plugin authors release regular updates to ensure site functionality. So it is important you regularly update all the plugins on your site.


It is good to regularly back your site up, in the event of server crashes that you have no control over. Often times your hosting provider will provide you with a backup solution so in the event that your website data is gone, it can be quickly restored.  

The Best Websites Require Maintenance

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Your Website
  • Twitter
  • Invictus
  • Alibaba

Even the most popular websites are regularly monitored to avoid crashes. It may seem like a lot of work but if your website receives a lot of traffic you want to make sure that everything is working properly all the time. If it is too much work for you to do on your own, we can help.