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Not happy with the current way your website looks? Is it outdated and barely functionable? Our website developers can help you replace your current outdated website with a sleek, modern, and functional WordPress site.

*WHAT'S needed?


The Identity of Your Website

Your domain name is the unique identifier for your website. It is like the address in which individuals can find your website on the web. Our domain name for example is invictusolutions.com. When you type that into the search bar your browser directed you to us.


How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

Typically a domain name can cost you between $10-$14.99/yr to own. Many companies offer deals and promotions when you buy a domain name along with a hosting plan from them.

Where Your Website will be Stored.

A web host is where your website is stored. Many companies offer hosting plans in which they allow you to store your website on servers that they maintain and update. You may know of the various hosting providers out there such as Godaddy, HostGator, 1&1, and more. Each of these companies essentially provide the same service of providing servers to store your site but offer differing price points, promotions, and customer support. From all the hosting providers out there we recommend using Bluehost. They offer unlimited storage plans at great prices without trying to upsell you on unnecessary products. Best of all they have a great customer support and are able to assist you to resolve any of your hosting issues.

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    Bluehost is our recommended hosting provider. Click to find out more about their hosting plans.

Pictures, Wording, Graphics (aka the important stuff)

Content is everything when it comes to making a website. Before constructing a website you need to take time and to map out the content for your site. When mapping out the content for your site think of the wording, images, graphics, etc. that you want your customers to read and see. Gathering and coming up with the best content for your site will take some time but it will expedite the website development process significantly and more importantly will lead to a higher quality website.

WordPress is a CMS or ‘Content Management System’ and allows you to control and manage the content within your web site. Allowing you to add pictures, blogs, and text to your site efficiently. We feel that this is the perfect platform for successful businesses of all sizes to build their websites on, and want to help you do so.


Made to fit all devices.

SEO Friendly

Optimized for search engines


Custom coded to your needs


Can meet the demand of your business.

*trust the PROCESS

how it works

We have a proven step by step method to help create the vision for your site.

1. Addressing/Defining the Problem

We’ll video conference/meet with you to see exactly what your business needs and the best way to fix the problem. Whether it be a new site to simply revamping your current one, we’ll figure out what you need.

2. Research & Strategizing

We will create a gameplan with you, decide on the required content and wording & get all the content for your site ready.

3. Free Mockup Creation

Based on the strategy we will create a free 1-3 page website mockup to give you a visual of what your site can look like.

4. Full Development & Revisions

After we receive the down payment, our developers will work on creating the full draft of your website. We’ll constantly work with you to revise your site till it is perfect.

5. Video/In Person Training

We want you to be able to operate your website both from the front and backend. We will explain all the bells and whistles of your WordPress site.

6. Finally. Product Launch

Shout it from the rooftops! Your site is now ready for promotion and marketing. Watch the money come in and enjoy your new custom website.

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