*website TRANSFERS


No need to call the movers!

We are ready to help you transfer your site from one server to another. You may want to switch your hosting provider because of slow service, bad customer support, down time, etc. We can make the process as seamless and smooth as possible.

*Things to Think About

This is important to know as each hosting provider is different and requires a different level of complexity. This factor’s heavily into our timeline of how fast we can get everything moved and back up and running, as some providers are more… *ahem* …”difficult” than others.

Transferring your domain from one hosting provider to another can take between 10 to 14 days and requires some coordination with your old and new hosting providers.

We only offer direct website transfers for WordPress websites. If you would like for us to rebuild your current site using WordPress then transfer it to your new host you can click here to find out more. We can always rebuild your site for you, however that’s a different matter entirely.

We will need access to your

Current Site

Current Server

New Server